Meet the exceptional team behind EWC

Carina Brits

Owner and founder of EWC mediwellness centre

Carina spent many years in the business and corporate world before she changed her career and entered the Health and Aesthetic industry in 2004 when she established EWC mediwellness centre.

She is a qualified therapist, nutritionist and ASCHP registered specialist wellness counselor (B PSHYC honours degree) as well as member of COMENSA (coaching association of SA). She has a special interest in the impact of genes on overall health and has been practicing as an accredited Geneway practitioner and coach since 2018.

Carina partnered with Dr Anel van Putten during 2008 to offer the Slender wonder medical weight loss program, and has since then build up a very successful practice with years of experience in weight loss coaching.

She is overall just a down to earth person that loves nature, people, travelling and her family as a grandma of three.


I graduated from Isa Carstens in 2019 as a Somatologist (CIDESCO) and went on to work on the cruise liners in 2020. I joined EWC at the end of 2020 and am proud to be a part of such a wonderful team. I am passionate about working with people and helping them reach their body goals while ensuring that they feel comfortable and welcome in our clinic.


I studied for 3 years at Camelot international, became qualified in 2016, and have been in the industry for 5 years, my passion is body treatments.


I’m a qualified Somotologist (ITEC, SAAHSP, CIDESCO) with 12 years’ experience in the industry. I studied for 2 years at Corpo Sano graduating in 2009. As a therapist, I was passionate about helping clients achieve their best results. Now I enjoy making clients feel warm and welcome by preparing things and having it ready when they need it.


I studied 3 years for Somatology at Isa Carstens in Stellenbosch. I have qualified in SAAHSP, CIDESCO and Spa management. I have been working for 6 years at EWC and for the past year I have been running my own skincare section. I am passionate about helping my clients to achieve the best results for their skin concerns and building relationships  with my clients.