Toxicity is a problem that affects everyone. It can manifest in many ways such as increased risk for cancer or susceptibility to infection and disease. The Ozone sauna is a powerful therapeutic tool to protect and boost your immune system. Use these treatments in combination with a healthy lifestyle and good nutritional habits for lasting positive changes that can be made to your state of health.
Genewell TESTS
This test screen for your risk to develop certain chronic diseases, depression, inflammation and certain types of cancer. The results will enable us to personalise a health plan for you.
Slender WONDER
Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss program that EWC Mediwellness offers with Dr Anel van Putten as partner. The main aim of the program is to raise the Leptin levels in your body that controls hunger and cravings. You will be assisted with a practical meal plan, supplements and coaching support.

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