We test your genes through a company called Geneway, which will help us to understand your risk factors relating to overweight, the best type of diet that you should follow and how to exercise to achieve the best results.

Slender WONDER

Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss program that EWC Mediwellness offers with Dr Anel van Putten as partner. The main aim of the program is to raise the Leptin levels in your body that controls hunger and cravings. You will be assisted with a practical meal plan, supplements and coaching support.
Make your life easier and replace your lunch or dinner with our Slender Wonder prepared frozen meals. These meals are perfectly put together for those who follow the plan, or any person who wants to lose weight. Then continue with the rest. Select your meals, complete your details and we will contact you with a quotation. Once the quotation is approved we will send you our banking details for you to make payment and your order will be on its way!
We have selected safe and scientifically tested weight loss supplements for those who are following their own diet. The main function of these supplements is to regulate appetite and healthy blood sugar levels and to improve effective weight loss.

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