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Beef / Chicken / Vegetarian Meals
*(can add your own vegetables or salad)
Sim B
*Beef Stroganoff With fillet R55     R65    
*Mince Bobotie R36     R43    
*Beef Curry Mince R36      R43    
*Paprika Chicken R37     R47    
*Chinese Chicken R35     R40    
*Thai Chicken Curry R35     R40    
*Basil Pesto Chicken R35     R40    
*Cajun Chicken R35     R40    
Vegetable Sides (Add Protein) Qty
Sim B
*Aubergine and Tomato Bake R33     R40    
*Vegetable Medley R28     R35    
*Cauliflower Rice R28     R35    
*Tomato & Celery Soup R38     R45    
*Ratatouille Vegetables R28     R35    
Complete Meals (Vegetables & Protein) Qty
Sim B
*Meatballs with Tomato Relish R55     R60    
*Cheese & Veg Bake R58     R65    
*Aubergine Rolls R60     R65    
*Hearty Beef Soup R55     R60    
*Indian Tomato Chicken Soup R55     R60    
*Chicken, Brocolli Garden Soup R55     R60    
*Cajun Chicken with Cauliflower Rice R50     R55