Make your life easier and replace your lunch or dinner with our Slender Wonder prepared frozen meals. These meals are perfectly put together for those who follow the plan, or any person who wants to lose weight. Then continue with the rest.

How it works…

Select your meals below, complete your details and we will contact you with a quotation. Once the quotation is approved we will send you our banking details for you to make payment and your order will be on its way! 

    Beef / Chicken / Vegetarian Meals
    *(can add your own vegetables or salad)
    Sim B
    *Beef Stroganoff With fillet R55     R65    
    *Mince Bobotie R36     R43    
    *Beef Curry Mince R36      R43    
    *Paprika Chicken R37     R47    
    *Chinese Chicken R35     R40    
    *Thai Chicken Curry R35     R40    
    *Basil Pesto Chicken R35     R40    
    *Cajun Chicken R35     R40    
    Vegetable Sides (Add Protein) Qty
    Sim B
    *Aubergine and Tomato Bake R33     R40    
    *Vegetable Medley R28     R35    
    *Cauliflower Rice R28     R35    
    *Tomato & Celery Soup R38     R45    
    *Ratatouille Vegetables R28     R35    
    Complete Meals (Vegetables & Protein) Qty
    Sim B
    *Meatballs with Tomato Relish R55     R60    
    *Cheese & Veg Bake R58     R65    
    *Aubergine Rolls R60     R65    
    *Hearty Beef Soup R55     R60    
    *Indian Tomato Chicken Soup R55     R60    
    *Chicken, Brocolli Garden Soup R55     R60    
    *Cajun Chicken with Cauliflower Rice R50     R55    

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