Gene Diet Genetic testing

What is the Gene diet TM test? 

No two people share the same DNA. You are entirely unique. The best way to understand what your body truly needs, is by testing your DNA. Your DNA will play a big role in the regulation of your body weight. Studies show that up to 70% of your risk for being overweight is determined by your genes.

What will the test tell me?

The areas that get covered in the test:

  • Risk to be overweight and why?
  • Response to exercise (fat burn)
  • Emotional/stress eating profile
  • Taste preferences and impact on weight
  • Hunger and satiety hormonal imbalances
  • Detoxification and impact on weight
  • Inflammatory response and weight
  • Sensitivity to fats, carbohydrates and proteins
  • Thyroid function
  • Vitamin D and Iron deficiency risk profile
  • Which vitamins and minerals are crucial for you

What do I do with the information?

You will understand what you need to do to lose weight; type of diet to follow and intensity of exercise required to burn fat effectively. You will know what to eat, and not to eat, whether you should do intermitted fasting or small regular meals. The test also answer questions around supplements and those most important to you.

Interpretation of results and support

Carina Brits (an accredited Geneway practitioner, nutritionist and specialist wellness counsellor and coach) will interpret your results for you, and also break it further down into a practical meal plan and the lifestyle changes that you should make. Weight loss coaching support and monitoring is also available, should you require this service.

Feedback sessions and coaching can be done on-line via zoom or in person at EWC Mediwellness centre.

Taking the DNA sample

Getting started with the Gene testing process for Genediet is simple. The DNA sample (saliva test) can be taken at our practice. We can deliver the test kit to your home and collect it again after you have administered your own test if you prefer no personal contact. You should ideally not eat, drink (apart from water) or smoke 60 minutes prior to taking the sample. You can order the test online – we will deliver and collect it from you.