Need a solution for professional skin care in Cape Town? generenew by geneway - Are you genetically pre-disposed to premature ageing?

The two main processes that induce skin ageing are classified as intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic ageing, also known as the natural ageing process, is a continuous process that normally begins in the mid -20s. Extrinsic ageing is caused by environmental factors, such as sun exposure, air pollution, smoking, regular alcohol intake and poor nutrition.

Both intrinsic ageing as well as how the body responds to extrinsic ageing are affected by genetics.

What is the GeneRenew TM test?

The test will focus on the following:

• Firmness and elasticity
• Skin anti-oxidation
• Skin irritability and sensitivity
• Skin detoxification
• Skin cell renewal

So, if you are looking for a professional and effective solution in skin care Cape Town, be sure to book your Generenew consultation with us.

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1. How does it work? Taking the DNA sample
The DNA sample can be taken at our practice (we have kits available). You should ideally not eat, drink or smoke 30 minutes prior to taking the sample. You must complete and sign a consent form. We will arrange for the sample to be picked up.

2. E- mail from Laboratory
You will receive notification from the laboratory once your sample arrived.

3. Lifestyle questionnaire
You will be requested to complete a life style questionnaire online.

4. Results
Your full report (results) will be made available to you, to download and read.

5. Coaching support and interpretation
We will provide support with the interpretation of your results and to personalise your skin care protocol according to your genetic blueprint for anti- ageing and skin care.

Do something about the appearance of your skin’s ageing process. Get tested with GeneRenew and find a skincare regimen that works for you. Contact us now to book a consultation or for more information on this revolutionary solution in skin care in Cape Town and surrounds.


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