Geneway gene testing

Get smart about your health. Understand your DNA

It is so simple

The Geneway DNA test is one of the most painless tests to take, because no drawing of blood is involved. A Saliva swap, taken inside your mouth cheeks contains enough data to provide you with detailed information.

More about Geneway

Why should you test your DNA?

Your results will empower you to make smarter choices. Once you know your risks, deficiencies and needs, you can address those, and build a healthier body. What’s more you’ll be empowered to protect yourself against the risks of cancer, heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and many other diseases.

Your DNA will never change. No matter what your age. So, get an accurate roadmap to your healthier self.

Tests available 

These tests can be purchased individually or buy smart and go for the GeneCombo test (includes all 4 tests) at a much better rate.

Genewell TM
This test covers areas such as; Blood clotting, Bone health, Gut health, Stress and mood disorders, Detoxification, Inflammation, Heart disease, Diabetes, Thyroid health, iron and vitamin B metabolism, Alcohol and caffeine sensitivity.

Genediet TM
Obesity is a complex issue. Understand your risks, behaviour, taste preferences, hormone imbalances, and response to exercise. The test will also answer your questions about your bodies’ sensitivity to carbohydrates, proteins, saturated fats and monounsaturated fats. This test will also help you understand which supplements to take for optimal health.

Genesport TM
Optimise your training and athletic potential. Understand your endurance and power potential, fuel switching abilities, susceptibility to injury and recovery, inflammatory response, ability to deal with oxidative stress and much more.

Generenew TM
This test focuses on the genetic factors for a young and healthy appearance. It covers; Collagen synthesis, Skin anti-oxidation, Skin irritability, detoxification and renewal abilities as well as skin cancer risk.

How does it work?

Taking the DNA sample
Getting started with the Gene testing process for Genediet is simple. The DNA sample (saliva test) can be taken at our practice. We can deliver the test kit to your home and collect it again after you have administered your own test if you prefer no personal contact. You should ideally not eat, drink (apart from water) or smoke 60 minutes prior to taking the sample. You can order the test online – we will deliver and collect it from you.

E-mail from laboratory
You will receive notification from the laboratory once your sample arrived.

Your full report (results) will be made available to you.

Interpretation of your results and coaching support
Carina Brits (an accredited practitioner) from EWC Mediwellness will provide feedback via zoom or in person. She will also provide further support to understand your results, identify the main areas that need work, and assist with the implementation of your action plan(s).