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The Ozone Spa sauna that we use at our clinic is known to be a very effective therapeutic tool that combines the detoxification and oxygenation effects of both steam and ozone. This treatment is mainly used to boost the immune system, alleviating symptoms of disease.


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Slender Wonder Medical Weight Loss Program

Picking up weight is often a real problem  for women of all ages, and losing weight can be a difficult feat indeed. At Medi Wellness Centre, we use Slender Wonder to help our clients achieve optimal weight-loss results, helping them stay healthy and happy with their appearance.


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Weight Loss Supplements

Reduce your appetite with 65%.



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Geneway tests (new)

You may be born with the obesity or family diseases genes, but new gene knowledge can prevent the unwanted expression of your genes.

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Collagen Pro-active

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a key component of the basic structure of the human body and the connective tissue. Collagen plays a leading role in all our body functions since it is responsible for:

  • The outer body (skin and hair)
  • The flexibility and mobility of our cartilages and joints
  • The smooth functioning of internal organs
  • The maintenance of good form for blood vessels and bone density


 As we age our body tends to produce less collagen at a declining rate of about 1.5% per year, from the age of 25 onwards. As a result bones lose density, joints become more ridged, hair volume decreases, skin elasticity lessens and muscles weaken.

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