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Get smart about your health. Understand your DNA

It is so simple

The Geneway DNA test is one of the most painless tests to take, because no drawing of blood is involved. A Saliva swap, taken inside your mouth cheeks contains enough data to provide you with detailed information.

Not all good food, is good for all people



OptiWay™, a South African based company, can help you identify foods that may trigger a reaction in your body. With a simple and minimally invasive prick on the finger, the OptiWay™ Food Intolerance test identifies 222 different foods and drinks you may be intolerant to. 

Ozone Therapy

The Ozone therapy Hocatt plus TM system is a powerful therapeutic tool which combines Ozone and steam, to cleanse, detox, enhance circulation and stimulate your metabolism to improve your weight loss efforts.

Health & Life Coaching

Stress at work, financial responsibilities, relationships and family might keep you awake at night. If you feel tired of trying to keep it all together, battle with your weight, general anxiety, feel confused about what is healthy or not, struggle to exercise, and just feel unhealthy and depressed –
I would love to help you!