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Bean Block
Regulates appetite and healthy blood sugar levels

What is Beanblock?
It is a patented phytoactive (100mg capsule) that can be used to treat high blood sugar levels and obesity related to compulsive overeating as it prevents the absorption of carbohydrates and increase satiety. It acts as an effective weight loss supplement.
It also contains phytohemagglutinin which reduces the release of ghrelin and consequently decrease appetite.


Green select Phytosome (120mg capsule) is a proprietary, caffeine free, catechin extract from green tea formulated with Phytosome technology. The Phytosome technology improve the uptake of the product ingredients in the blood stream.


The absorption of the product ingredients is twofold stronger due to the Phytosome technology
Promotes energy expenditure and thermogenesis (speed up metabolism)
Caffeine free
Reduces total cholesterol and triglycerides
Proven antioxidant

Several studies demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing metabolic syndrome, body weight, waist circumference and BMI.


SlimCarb assists in the treatment of obesity by inhibiting salivary, pancreatic and intestinal a-glycosidase enzyme activity, thereby promoting a delayed absorption of carbohydrates and glucose. In addition, Slimcarb has an inhibitory action on pancreatic lipase – an enzyme responsible for digesting fat.

  • Inhibits fat absorption
  • Inhibits carbohydrate digestion
  • Reduces body mass index
  • Reduces glucose & glycated haemoglobin levels


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