If you are truly interested in improving your overall health and wellness, why not test your genetic profile with GENECOMBO™ ( Includes GENEWELL™, GENEDIET™, GENESPORT™, GENERENEW™)

You will discover your overall health, wellness and youthfulness, in conjunction with your predisposition to weight gain. You will have valuable knowledge of your body’s strengths and weaknesses, and establish your ideal eating plan, skin care routine and exercise regime based on your unique genetic profile.

You can also do these test individually

GENEWELL™: This test screens for genetic variations that are, or may affect your health. You can reduce the susceptibility for the condition(s), by being proactive and implementing the science-based strategies recommended to you. These may vary from modest changes in your environment, your diet, and physical activity or adjustments in the nutritional supplements you take.

GENEDIET™: Obesity is a very complex disease, and many factors can contribute to a person being overweight including their genes, behaviour, and the environment.

Knowing your genetic predisposition to being overweight, can assist you to take the appropriate measures and guide you towards a suitable diet.

GENESPORT™: Whether you are a recreational or professional sports athlete, optimise your training and athletic potential with the GENESPORT™ test.

GENERENEW™: Focuses on genetic factors for a young and healthy appearance. Personalise your needs for a youthful appearance and complexion by knowing your genetic profile.

GENE-Rx™:  Will provide insight into how a patient metabolises, transports and binds certain prescription drugs, which empowers physicians to prescribe medication that will most likely be the most effective for first time treatment. Physicians will therefore, be able to identify individuals at risk of experiencing treatment failure and adverse side effects from treatment based on their genetic makeup.

SHIPPING OPTIONS: Flat Rate -Includes shipping to and from you. Local Pick up – You collect from us in store and will be required to pay an additional R 120 for courier to collect once you have done the test.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Test Pricing excludes the feedback session done in salon at an additional charge of R650.



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