muscle tone

Get your muscles toned & burn fat at the same time!

Technology: High energy focused Electromagnetic wave technology (HI-EMT)

How does it work?
Painless muscle contractions

  • The continuous expand and contract of muscles deeply reshape the internal structure of the muscle. It promotes muscle enlargement and increase muscle density and volume for a more toned body.
  • The contractions simultaneously trigger the release of fatty acids, which leads to the breakdown of fat deposits.


  • Lie down for 30 minutes = 5.5 hours of exercise
  • Sessions are painless, sweat less, convenient and fast
  • Muscle gain is synchronised with fat burning
  • Combine these treatments with your current exercise programme
  • These sessions can be combined with other body contouring devices

Areas that can be treated:

  • Abs, Arms, legs (front and back), Buttocks and calves

Studies report

  • 15% – 16% increase in abdominal muscle thickness 4 to 6 weeks after treatment and approximately 19% reduction in subcutaneous fat layer.

Treatment protocol
Do 3 to 4 treatments per week for 2 weeks. The treatment duration per area is 30 minutes. One can only do 1 hour per day (two areas). More treatments can be done if results need improvement.

Results from SincoSculpt EM



Men and women

  • That want to enhance their results within an existing exercising program.
  • Those who do aerobic exercise but not enough weight training.
  • Who are active and not overweight, but just need more toning.
  • Slightly overweight (5 to 10kg) and on a weight loss journey.


These treatments are not recommended to anyone with a BMI greater than 30. It will be recommended to lose weight first.

Who cannot do these sessions?

These treatments cannot be performed on the following clients:

  • Pregnant or breast feeding moms
    Heart disease patients
  • People with metal or electronic implants
  • Cancer patients or people with tumours
  • Stroke patients
  • People who had brain injuries or brain surgery

No treatments will be performed without a thorough consultation. EWC mediwellness offers various other solutions that could be combined with these treatments for weight loss and effective body contouring results.