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At Medi wellness centre, we have a range of anti-ageing treatments available. We offer Botox and fillers and aesthetic facial treatments such as peels and microdermabrasion to enhance cell turnover for a younger skin complexion. We also provide Collagen Pen induction therapy, as well as Safyre RF treatments to boost collagen production for a tighter and plumper skin structure. We use and stock professional products like Neostrata, Heliocare, RegimA, Nimue and Whesson Therapeutics. Our focus lies on treatments that will turn back time in a natural way.

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Safyre skin tightening

Medi Wellness Centre is the only clinic in Cape Town that is offering clients this revolutionary new skin tightening and wrinkle reduction treatment. The Safyre, developed by Cocoon Medical carries a CE medical certification to provide effective, non-invasive skin tightening treatments.


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Collagen corrective pen

The Collagen corrective pen is taking the skin care industry by storm. This anti-ageing device makes use of disposable micro-needles to penetrate the skin’s surface, stimulating fibroblasts to increase collagen production, thereby rejuvenating the complexion.


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Look after your skin

Because the skin is one of the largest and most complex organs of the body, it is able to perform several extremely important and necessary functions. These functions include regulating the temperature of the body, detecting and fighting infections and protecting the body against environmental hazards.


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Skin-tech TCA peels

A trichloroacetic acid peel (TCA) is a cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatment that we use to remodel skin to improve texture, acne, firmness and pigmentation. These peels should not be mistaken for the mild and gentle glycolic peels.

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Neostrata Retinol peels

This advanced, physician-strength peel contains 3 % Retinol plus Retinol boosting complex to exfoliate and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, help reduce acne, and improve skin laxity while promoting a bright, even and clear complexion.


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