Testimonial Safyre Radio Frequency for skin texture and cellulite

The purpose of radio frequency is to improve the quality of the skin through the activation of the collagen and elastin fibres, it also drain tissue fluid and reduce fat in localised areas. These treatments are successfully done on arms, inner and outer thighs, legs, face and neck.

EWC Client said the following after 8 treatments on her arms.

“I have always struggled with my arms and it really got bad the last 6 years. I gym 4 times per week, but it was not enough. I saw an improvement on my arms after my second Safyre treatment and I am ecstatic with my result after eight treatments!” Karen (age 50+)

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Testimonial for Endermologie Post-Lipo treatments

Endermologie is a popular post liposuction treatment to reduce swelling and pain. Clients normally require 10 treatments 1 to 2 weeks after their procedure. Sessions are 30 minutes in duration and needs to be done 3x per week.

This client came for post-liposuction treatments on her arms 2 weeks after her procedure:

“Endermologie het die simptome na my Liposuiging op my arms ongelooflik gehelp. Die swelling het aansienlik gesak en dit het baie met ongemak en pynvlakke gehelp” Tania

The price for post lipo sessions is R280 per session if a package of 10 sessions is bought. The new Integral Cellu M6 machine has a special post-liposuction programme and treatment protocol.

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Combine Slender Wonder with Endermologie

It is sometimes a good idea to combine Slenderwonder with Endermologie. This particular client was overweight and suffered with a weak circulation and water retention problem (especially in her legs). She managed to lose 20.3kg on our Slender wonder programme. She also came once a week for an Endermologie treatment (20 weeks) and now x2 treatments per month. She is still on the Slender wonder programme and want to lose another 10 kilogrammes. She says the following about:

Slender wonder…

“Slender wonder het my geleer om kleiner porsies, gereeld te eet. Ek het nou ‘n roetine. Die shake is fantasties, want ek kon nooit ontbyt eet nie. Ek kan glad nie sonder my shake nie. Dit is gebalanseerd. Ek hou van die vitamiene. Dit gee my energie en beheer my aptyt. Ek kon ‘n verskil voel toe ek dit vir ‘n rukkie nie gebruik het nie”

“Slender Wonder is probably one of the best things to happen in my life… I am 29 years old and I have never been a skinny girl, nor do I ever want to be one. I just believe strongly that we should all be healthy and with Slender Wonder I feel that way. I have tried every diet fad in the book, but nothing that has shown me a better way to live. It is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. I have gone from a size 18 down to a size 12 and friends and family notice. Once people see how happy you are, they start understanding why you do this. I am still quite a way from goal weight but I have support and I have Slender Wonder and I will not give up. Slender Wonder is easy… but oh it is so worth it!” Caitlan Gorden (age 29)


“My sirkulasie en veltekstuur is baie beter. Ek het baie vinniger sentimeters verloor en my bene begin nou ‘n vorm kry!” Sonja Sadie (age 40+)

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