Weight Loss Solutions in Cape Town

At EWC we offer you various well-researched weight loss approaches and coaching support. With our expertise in weight loss and nutrition, you can reach your ideal weight, and boost your overall health and energy.

Your journey starts with a consultation and assessment by a professional health coach. Together we will decide on the best weight loss solution for you. Our weight loss options cater to various needs, from more restrictive options to slower yet sustainable programs:

EWC has the medical, nutritional, and coaching skills and expertise to offer you the best weight loss solutions under one roof.


We test your genes through a company called Geneway, which will help us to understand your risk factors relating to overweight, the best type of diet that you should follow and how to exercise to achieve the best results.

Slender WONDER

Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss program that EWC Mediwellness offers with Dr Anel van Putten as partner. The main aim of the program is to raise the Leptin levels in your body that controls hunger and cravings. You will be assisted with a practical meal plan, supplements and coaching support.

What is the Sprezzatura weight loss program?

An easy to follow 12-week plan which assist woman to lose weight fast, effectively and to keep the weight off for good. This is a first holistic medical program that provides everything in one place, and formulated by scientific professionals. The program is approved by SAPRHA and the costs can be claimed back from the savings portion of your medical aid with a NAPPI code.


The Ozone sauna is a powerful therapeutic tool which combines Ozone and steam, to cleanse, detox, enhance circulation and stimulate your metabolism to improve your weight loss efforts.